Deep in the heart of a bustling Louisville metropolis on the sleepier side of Broadway, lies a little green roofed house shaded by the only tree on the block. Outside a old black and white sign reads "Buttons and Bows Daycare," bookended by a blushing and bashful boy and girl; an ancient reminder of what once lived here. Long gone are the babies that once crawled these halls, laughing, crying and absorbing life with wide eyes and bibulous minds, bibs tied round' their necks; but what remains is not unwholly different. Three young men, good natured in spirit and to whom nature is good, often spend their days writing songs; songs for the babies in all of us. Songs to soothe the molten mind and to fill the tired eye with vision fresh and new. Since these boys were themselves young babies, the dream of Murals has become their reality. Now with a second release under their bibs the boys bring to you "Violet City Lantern," an ever present body of slow churning psychedelic folk that wouldn't be so surprising in your hippie dad's record collection or buried deep in the crates of your headiest record store.


Murals - Violet City Lantern
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