Earring Sign to Fire Talk + Premiere "Black Chalk" via Stereogum

Fire Talk is pleased to welcome Chicago rippers Earring to the roster. Forming from one half of another on the rise rock band Ne-Hi, the project allows Jason Balla & Alex Otake to dig deeper into the realms of sludge and psych and flex an altogether different song writing muscle. "Black Chalk" has premiered via Stereogum and is the band's first single for Fire Talk, set for a worldwide release date of November 6th 2015.

"Earring play a narcotized variation of rock by slowing down to a crawl and submerging their pop-hooks in reverberated muck." - Stereogum

Somewhere in a warehouse in the shadow of the once Industrial giant Chicago Illinois mellow drums shape the pattern of a psychedelic post whatever dream. A distorted guitar lick sits right in line with a dark beatufiul crooning, it's almost winter and the streets are about to be frozen for months. A certain kind of longing reaches out from places like these and that band; Earring, can do nothing but call this place home. Mixing elements of Post Punk, Sludge and psych into a tapestry of soft and beautifully heavy rock tracks the band's debut Fire Talk album "Tunn Star" will arrive just in time for the Spring thaw.  

Fire Talk