Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk return with a brand new Mini Album ! Recorded at the Silent Barn in Brooklyn, NY a mere month ago and marking the first BBDDM recordings in a proper studio. A fuller richer BBDDM is to be expected, layers upon layers, the good shit. Welcome back Baby Birds ! Available April 21st on a limited edition 10" Lathe Cut w/ hand made artwork by the band, cassette and digitally. 

Scope the first single "Zebra Boy" via Ad Hoc where Matt Sullivan says... 

"Luckily, a new chapter has started for the band. After parting ways with Luke Namee, they recently reunited with founding member Josh Riepe to start work on new material. “Zebra Boy” is the first single from Kill The Fuzz, a forthcoming mini-album for Fire Talk Records (who put out Think Tone and Skeletor & Me). It’s an immediate burst, both desperate and lighthearted, that hearkens to the mysterious entrances of some of their best “pop” songs past (“Let’s Listen to Souvlaki and Make Out”, “Jeremy Irons Couples Skate”, the many beautiful moments that seem to spontaneously erupt from their more expansive jams)." 

Fire Talk