LISTEN // Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk 'I Aint Been Workin' via Tiny Mix Tapes

Hear a new Baby Birds track off the forthcoming 'Kill The Fuzz' release - Tiny Mix Tapes shared the scoop - hammering the nail with this verbage...

"That high frequency at the beginning grabs your attention ASAP, next the drone moans it’s way along, then those big, clean(ish) guitars break through the clouds with power and assurance, and to finish it off, those familiar unintelligible, but gorgeous BBDDM vocals kick in, and you know you’re in for repeat listens." - Bort / TMT

Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk - Kill The Fuzz

Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk return with a brand new Mini Album ! Recorded at the Silent Barn in Brooklyn, NY and marking the first Baby Birds recordings in a proper studio. A fuller richer BBDDM is to be expected, layers upon layers, the good shit. Welcome back Baby Birds !

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