Consequence of Sound has shared the full album stream of ADVAETA'S debut LP 'Death and the Internet' out April 28th on Fire Talk. 

Ben Kaye at COS says...

"Waiting so long to compile their first full-length has paid huge dividends in the final product. The nine-track effort is a ridiculously loud blast of guitars fuzzed out to the max, a nod to shoegaze outfits of yore. But the songs don’t stay down kicking up dirt; instead, they rise high into dusk on melodic twists and soaring vocals. There’s a Spaceman 3 lushness, no doubt due in large part to the fact that both Sara Fantry and Amanda Salane stick to guitar, leaving Combier-Kapel to manage the low end on her kit. Together, they tackle the pains of being left for a cult (“Church Cult”), to the trials of love in a social media-connected world (“Your New Life in Pictures”), to the inevitability of death (“RIP”), all with a hand that bruises just as readily as it tends the wounds."

ADVAETA - Death and the Internet

Advaeta is the collaborative project of Brooklyn based musicians Lani Combier-Kapel, Amanda Salane and Sara Fantry. With a complex sound that is heavily melodic, loud and textural, they grind velvet harmonies and lush noise into a landscape that is both evocative and wholly enveloping. 

..."it is a jagged knife chased by a soothing balm." - Pitchfork

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