New video for a track off Paw Paw's 'Full Earth Greeting' LP out now ! Co-directed by Woodsman's Mark Demolar & Laura Bartczak and shot in the California Desert on Super 8MM film. 

Ad Hoc has the premiere... "The heat and arid vertigo is almost palpable in the new video for Paw Paw's "Close Horizons Shimmer." Shot solely on raw super 8 footage by Woodsman's Mark Demolar and Laura Bartzack somewhere in the desert of the western United States, the video functions as a sort of post-snakebite daydream, existing somewhere in the interim between conciousness and succumbing to the poison's dizzying effects. Following a mysterious figure as they explore the desolate landscape, the video is made even more ethereal thanks to the pulsing, breezy rhythm of the song. Together, the pair function as a spiritual hallucination, a short conversation with some floating deity who has blessed the sand beneath your feet. "

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