Pitchfork Reviews Dreamcrusher's New Single "Adore"

Pitchfork has turned in a glowing review of Dreamcrusher's new single "Adore" Head over here to read in full. And Pre Order "Hackers All of Them Hackers" below !

"Adore" is thick, the kind of song that sits on your chest and demands your attention." - Jess Skolnik / Pitchfork

Dreamcrusher - Hackers All of Them Hackers

Hackers All of them Hackers is the debut Fire Talk release from Brooklyn, NY by way of Wichita, KS based noise artists Dreamcrusher. Crawling out of the depths of mid aughts Myspace DIY culture and releasing a fervor of heart stopping densely beautiful albums and ep's 'HAOTH' sees Glass making moves toward melody in way wholly unique to the project. This self described NIHILIST QUEER REVOLT MUSIK transcends the internet and is truly best experienced immediately and with open mind and body. 

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