Aa's ZebrAa Out Now !

Aa's highly anticipated 5th album is out now worldwide, stream on your fav platform, DL or buy the limited edition Ice Blue vinyl in the shop ! 

Tiny Mix Tapes says " Brooklyn cool dudes Aa (pronounced Big A Little A, as if you didn’t know that already) have been at a perpetual loft party for about 14 years now. Throwing out cool shapes and good vibes since before any hipsters discovered organic farmers markets."

Clrvynt weighs in on the record's manifestation "This time around, the band looped in percussionists from the entirety of their existence, adding in vocal melodies and weird electronic touches to create something wholly Aa." 

Post Trash sings their praise "The band's inspired rhythmic gymnastics are in fine form on "Clocked," a song built on jagged drums that shift time (and space) with a stuttering brilliance. The pounding beats create a dense landscape, thick like the forest and bustling with activity between the trees." 

Aa - ZebrAa
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