Earring's "Tunn Star" Out Now !

After much anticipation Earring's debut LP "Tunn Star" has hit the streets. Check out praise from Stereogum, Noisey, Consequence of Sound and a glowing 4 out of 5 star review from All Music just to name a few. Stream the album, add tracks to your playlists & grab the limited edition clear LP now in the shop or at your favorite record store !

Earring - Tunn Star

Somewhere in a warehouse in the shadow of the once Industrial giant Chicago Illinois mellow drums shape the pattern of a psychedelic post whatever dream. A distorted guitar lick sits right in line with a dark beatufiul crooning, it's almost winter and the streets are about to be frozen for months. A certain kind of longing reaches out from places like these and that band; Earring, can do nothing but call this place home. Mixing elements of Post Punk, Sludge and psych into a tapestry of soft and beautifully heavy rock tracks the band's debut Fire Talk album "Tunn Star" will arrive just in time for the Spring thaw.  

"Earring play a narcotized variation of rock by slowing down to a crawl and submerging their pop-hooks in reverberated muck." - Stereogum

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