Turnip King's "Carsong" Video Premieres via NPR

NPR Music has premiered a video for "Carsong" off the forthcoming "Laika" LP. Directed by band members Christian Billard and Call Fish. 

"Turnip King is a psych-rock band with Cal Fish and Lucia Arias on guitar and vocals, Christian Billard on drums and Ken Winfield on bass. They're from Sea Cliff, N.Y., which is a suburb on Long Island. "Carsong" is a long, slow shoegaze song that hearkens back to the noisy loveliness of bands like The Jesus And Mary Chain, Mazzy Star and Slowdive. The guitar reverb is all wall-of-sound, waxing and waning over the bass and the vocals of Lucia Arias. Over the course of four and half minutes, it moves from creaky silence to lush, full-blown distortion. In an email to NPR Music, Arias writes that the song references "a golf course close to our homes, where Cal, Christian, Nick (our first bassist) and I had hung out at various points." Arias adds, "I wanted to conjure up an image of what it felt like to spend time with someone you absolutely adore in the silence, freedom, comfort and privacy of a car." - Sophie Kemp / NPR

The LP is up now for pre order in a limited cherry red vinyl version, grab that below! 

Turnip King - Laika

Turnip King is a four piece originally hailing from Sea Cliff, New York. While still in High School Fire Talk released the band's debut EP "Moon Landing?" Shortly after the four founding members Lucia Arias, Cal Fish, Nick Kivien and Christian Billard departed to pursue various "life" journeys. Cal & Christian attend BARD a liberal arts school a few hours north of New York City. Lucia stayed in the city and Nick left the group to form Sunflower Bean another on the up young band signed to Fat Possum Records. "Laika", Turnip King's debut full length was written in between class sessions and fleshed out in a fairly brisk few recording sessions at Water Music Hoboken & Stormy's Cabin in Up State New York by Ernie Indradat . Now joined on bass by Ken Winfield Turnip King is poised to break. Think Matador era Helium goes back to art school with the internet.

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