Corey Flood Sign To Fire Talk, Announce Debut EP


Corey Flood Announce "Wish You Hadn't" EP, Share "Feel Okay"

Corey Flood is a new Ivy Gray-Klein (of the band Littler on Yellow K / Birdtapes) fronted dark pop band from Philadelphia, PA. Mixed and Mastered by independent scene mainstay Emily Reo. Corey Flood takes influence from Helium and early Liz Phair, warped & pushed in a gloomier, more post-punk direction. Featuring Noah Jacobson-Carroll and Em Boltz on guitar and Juliette Rando on drums. “Wish You Hadn’t, the band’s debut EP, four songs simmer with a quiet fury, Gray-Klein’s hushed vocals floating above the metronomic drums and minimal, atmospheric guitar. “There’s a horse head / in my bed,” Gray-Klein almost whispers on the last track, “Causeway.” “It’s so hard / to be your friend.” It’s this kind of disappointment that permeates the EP—but it seems almost cathartic, as though the brutal honesty will lead to a light at the end of the tunnel.

Stereogum has premiered the band's debut track calling it "the sort of creeping, menacing rock music that crawls under your skin" Listen via Bandcamp. The "Wish You Hadn't" EP is out 2/23/18 on cassette and digitally. 

Ivy Gray - Klein on the track: 
"Feel Okay" tries to articulate the exact moment of realizing you've been deceived or misled, when your body enters "fight or flight" mode, to feel stricken by the truth. By repeatedly asking "does it feel okay?" you begin to question what "okay" even means, oscillating between a compassionate inquiry and a pointed attack. The song evokes a sense of disassociation through recognizing that the reality you once understood as truth is, in fact, false."

Corey Flood - Wish You Hadn't EP
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