Julian's 'Real Distance' EP is Out Now!


Out today! Julian's Fire Talk debut, the 'Real Distance' EP. Pick it up below or stream / dl from your fave digital hub. Recorded at Gravesend Recordings in Brooklyn, the five songs are brief—only one of them breaks the two-minute mark—and freckled with twinkling guitar lines that bring The Sundays to mind. A photographer by trade, Leiby’s ability to think visually heavily influences their music; the whole EP plays like a softly-lit dream. There’s a muted urgency in each track, as though Leiby is fit to burst with earnest romanticism. But there’s self-awareness, too. On “S,” the darkest and most driving song of the bunch, Leiby almost chants a mantra: “Don’t touch me, / I own this body. / Stay away, / I’m not your prey. / I’m stronger than you think.” And it’s in that space between light and darkness, softness and force, that Julian’s songs find their charm.

"Immediately compelling" - Gold Flake Paint

Julian - Real Distance
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