Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk - Burritos

Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk - Burritos


Born in the belly of a whale, discovered by the Kool-Aid man. Kansas bred, NYC based DIY mainstays Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk return with their latest full length "Burritos".

Burritos is the fourth in a line of unique and ever evolving/devolving sets of music on this label. It’s also the most perfectly synthesized and coherent example of the different “eras” of BBDDM to date. The hazy acoustic guitar strum strum under a sea of chill inducing vocal harmonies, the urgent sandy pop hits bursting at the seams with beautiful blankets of guitar and echoey noise, the dark basement insect sound atmospherics with cracked guitars and percussive crackles and pings. Burritos is also more laid bare and and honest in its delivery, forgoing the harsher aspects of past releases and leaving more room for the moments of true harmony (and the real moments of harmonic disharmony, too) that have always existed in their music. Another personal favorite.

Out March 4th 2016

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