Dan Goldberg began performing as The Spookfish in 2007 when he moved to Brooklyn, NY and was teaching through Americorps. The project was an attempt to document dreams, subconscious melodies, and moments of strong intuition through sound as a personal journal.  Dan occasionally performed around the city.

In 2009, after a move to Busan, South Korea, Dan continued performing as a way to connect to others and travel the country. Dan also began planning strange adventures with his friends.  One of these involved hiking a mountain at night and playing songs on guitar for each other on an ancient fortress wall under the full moon.  After completing his teaching gig there, Dan took a ferry to China and then a train to Russia, where he would fly home.  While boarding the train after a stop in Mongolia, his computer was stolen, which was the primary tool for creating music.  Ever since the focus has shifted to using live instruments, often recording them to cassette.

Between 2010 and now, he has kept the project alive while living in Berlin, Germany; Portland, Oregon; Jersey City, NJ.  In 2013 Dan began hosting shows in the Hudson Valley of New York State that involve a group of people hiking a mountain together and stopping at different landmarks (the peak, streams, the ruins of an old estate, etc...) to watch musicians perform.  He has led 30 of these hikes between then and now eventually catching the eye of The New York Times which brought on a series of unfortunate turns, but that's another story.  In 2014 Dan moved back to Brooklyn NY where he resides in a house that hosts shows and events and continues to record and perform as The Spookfish.

The Spookfish - Black Hole
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