Earlier this summer (2016) I booked a tour for my band Turnip King.

We met many creative and inspiring artists and individuals and got a potent look at our America. Zombie like people Pokemon going in every city and coverage of the RNC/DNC and insane political situation threaded the trip together.

We played at a variety of Diy venues, houses, and bars. These drawings document some of the places we visited !

I hope to print a book w/ scans and architectural/cultural dialog!

Zooming in is Encouraged!!!

- Cal Fish (Turnip King)

Turnip King - Laika

Turnip King is a four piece originally hailing from Sea Cliff, New York. While still in High School Fire Talk released the band's debut EP "Moon Landing?" Shortly after the four founding members Lucia Arias, Cal Fish, Nick Kivien and Christian Billard departed to pursue various "life" journeys. Cal & Christian attend BARD a liberal arts school a few hours north of New York City. Lucia stayed in the city and Nick left the group to form Sunflower Bean another on the up young band signed to Fat Possum Records. "Laika", Turnip King's debut full length was written in between class sessions and fleshed out in a fairly brisk few recording sessions at Water Music Hoboken & Stormy's Cabin in Up State New York by Ernie Indradat . Now joined on bass by Ken Winfield Turnip King is poised to break. Think Matador era Helium goes back to art school with the internet.

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