Corey Flood - Wish You Hadn't EP

Corey Flood - Wish You Hadn't EP


Corey Flood is a new Ivy Gray-Klein (of the band Littler on Yellow K / Birdtapes) fronted dark pop band from Philadelphia, PA. Mixed and Mastered by independent scene mainstay Emily Reo. Corey Flood takes influence from Helium and early Liz Phair, warped & pushed in a gloomier, more post-punk direction. Featuring Noah Jacobson-Carroll and Em Boltz on guitar and Juliette Rando on drums. “Wish You Hadn’t, the band’s debut EP, four songs simmer with a quiet fury, Gray-Klein’s hushed vocals floating above the metronomic drums and minimal, atmospheric guitar. “There’s a horse head / in my bed,” Gray-Klein almost whispers on the last track, “Causeway.” “It’s so hard / to be your friend.” It’s this kind of disappointment that permeates the EP—but it seems almost cathartic, as though the brutal honesty will lead to a light at the end of the tunnel.

"full of the wild angst that defines young romantic betrayal. Gray-Klein’s chants are distorted and sandwiched between uneasy guitar and drums, establishing a gloomy, ominous feeling from the beginning." - Pitchfork 

""They make the sort of creeping, menacing rock music that crawls under your skin" - Stereogum

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