Monteagle - Midnight Noon

Monteagle - Midnight Noon

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Midnight Noon is the debut album from Justin Giles Wilcox - best know as chief songwriter in Nassau & now defunct band Moonlight Bride. Monteagle, named for a mountain in Justin's home state and with a full band supporting has emerged as his main creative focus. The record is a collection of songs written about growing up in rural Tennessee, moving to New York City and looking back at the once discarded landscape with a deeper understanding and appreciation of rural America's hidden beauty. The album envelops a slow focus, working in honest observations and simple truths. It's an origin story sonically toying with Americana and Folk and placing it in a more urban, textural context. Written, recorded and produced by Justin Giles Wilcox and mastered by Doug Van Sloun (Bright Eyes, Songs: Ohia, M. Ward)

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